International Seminar Dojo 2021 / Future Advanced Quantum Technology Workshop 2021 was held in 9/27

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“International” for students who have taken the outstanding graduate school program “Advanced Optical and Electronic Device Creation Studies”, “Advanced Quantum Technology Fellowship to Create the Future”, doctoral students enrolled in the electrical engineering department of the Graduate School of Engineering, and master’s students of the collaboration program. “Student Dojo” and “Future Advanced Quantum Technology Workshop” will be jointly held online from 13:00 on September 27, 2021 (Monday).


In this seminar dojo and workshop (hereinafter referred to as “this seminar dojo, etc.”), graduate students from various fields present and discuss their research outlines across the boundaries of graduate schools and laboratories. In addition, small group discussions on research, overseas, with the aim of promoting the acquisition of a wide range of specialized knowledge and international perspectives, career planning, and the emergence of integrated research by interacting with researchers living overseas and corporate researchers. We are planning a lamp session that includes an online special lecture by researchers who are active in the field, a lecture on research life by D3 students, and a lecture on career paths by corporate researchers.

★ Particints are requested to submit their abstract manuscripts by the due date according to the guidance email. (August 19th (Thursday) strict adherence to the deadline)

★ Seminar presentation groups include people from different fields of specialization, so please devise a way of explaining so that people in different fields can understand the purpose, importance, and fun of your research. Of course, you can include the intro of your major, but be sure to include a description of your research.

*★If you have not submitted the [Confidentiality Pledge], please make a PDF of your signature by handwriting (an image file of the entire page is also acceptable) and attach it to the Google Form mentioned above.