e-Seminar (2nd 2021) will be held

The 2nd e-Excellence Seminar in 2021 will be held as follows.


◆ 2021 2nd e-Excellence Seminar

Date and time: Tuesday, July 27, 2021 11: 00-11: 45 (Lecture time is 30 minutes)

Lecturer: Michiko Bunei, Yoshida Daiichi Infirmary, Nanny Teacher (Specific Staff) Mikie Kumaki, Yoshida No. 2 Infirmary, Nanny Teacher (Specific Staff) Shibasaki Takumiko Katsura Infirmary Yogo teacher (specific staff)

Title: What I want to convey from the infirmary now ~ Mental health starts with daily self-care ~


PDF: 2021 2nd e-Excellence Seminar Flyer


About the mental health of the long-term corona disaster, our university’s training We will have a lecture by a teacher of the guardian teacher. Therefore, please inform your outstanding graduate students and related faculty members. Thank you for your cooperation. Of course, the participation of clerical staff Is also OK.


Application: Please apply from the following URL by the day before (7/26) Sai. Https://

For those who applied, after confirming, Zoom contact We will inform you of the follow-up information.

We are waiting for many applications.


2021 2nd e-Excellence Seminar Flyer