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Research Grant 2021


This research activity expense support (research grant) will be jointly provided by the Graduate School of Excellence in Advanced Optical and Electronic Device Creation and the Center for Optical and Electronic Science and Engineering Education and Research, Graduate School of Engineering.


Outstanding Graduate Program Students Research Activity Expenses (Research Grant) Optical / Electronic Device Creation Research Grant Application Guidelines Doctoral course that made excellent proposals after examination by soliciting research proposals based on the free ideas of students who have completed the Graduate School of Excellence in Advanced Optical and Electronic Device Creation and doctoral students in the Department of Electrical Engineering and the Department of Electronic Engineering of the Graduate School of Engineering. Research funds will be paid to students. We are soliciting proposals as follows, so please do not hesitate to apply to students. In addition, in order to use this initiative not only to foster autonomous and independent researchers, but also to trigger new developments in optoelectronic science and engineering through free thinking, Professor Emeritus Hiroyuki Matsunami, who was a professor in the Department of Electronics, gave us an opportunity. Based on the will, the electrical students who made the best research presentation will be awarded a supplementary prize (100,000 yen in cash).


1. Qualifications for application, etc. Excellent graduate program students and doctoral students in the Department of Electrical Engineering (Katsura area) and the Department of Electronic Engineering (Katsura area) of the Graduate School of Engineering (Students with DC1 and DC2 qualifications of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science can also apply) and engineering Master’s student of the Graduate School of Engineering Doctoral Program. However, those who have suspended their qualifications due to leave of absence, etc. cannot apply. Only if you have not received any financial support for the research activity you are applying for. In addition, the research activity to be applied for will be completed within the fiscal year, and limited to those that can report the results described in.


2. Number of adoptions Outstanding graduate program students: 10

Students other than those who have completed the outstanding graduate program: A few


3. Amount received Outstanding graduate program students: up to 400,000 yen Students other than those who have completed the outstanding graduate program: 100,000 yen to hundreds of thousands of yen


4. Estimated start date September 1, 2021 (Wednesday)


5. Matters to be stated in the research activity expense application form (total of about 2 pages of A4 size) ・ Problem name ・ Background of research ・ Background of the idea and content of proposal ・ Implementation plan ・ Desired subsidy amount and its breakdown ・ Collaborative researchers, etc. Please download the application form (including the entry procedure) from the following.

   2021 research grant application form & entry procedure [for outstanding students]

   2021 research grant application form & entry procedure [for non-excellent students]


6. Application period / destination for submission of application documents From Monday, July 12, 2021 to Monday, July 26, 17:00

Please send the application documents by e-mail to the Chief Secretary’s Office of the Department of Electrical Engineering


(Please also send to this address if you are a student of the Excellent Graduate Program of the Graduate School of Science / Informatics)

The subject of the email should be “[Research Grant Application]”.


7. Examination Documents will be examined according to the evaluation items described in the entry procedure, and the results will be notified by Friday, August 20, 2021.


8. Achievement report Regarding the research activities that were eligible for the benefits, you will be asked to report the results in English at the research grant result report meeting held at the end of the fiscal year. At that time, one of the best presenters will be commended. In addition, you will be required to submit a research result report (slides used for presentation, etc.) by the designated date in March 2022.


9. What to do if you want to hear the opinions of a corporate researcher or KURA (Kyoto University Art Research Support Office) If you would like to hear the opinions of corporate researchers or KURA (Kyoto University Research Support Office) regarding research proposals, please check the relevant column of the application form. However, corporate researchers are limited to those who have completed the outstanding graduate school. When asking a corporate researcher for their opinions, there is a risk of problems related to intellectual property protection and patents. A corporate researcher will ask you to submit a confidentiality pledge, but please make sure that you fully understand the precautions regarding intellectual property protection and patents, and obtain the consent of your academic advisor (KURA is an on-campus organization, so please be aware of this). There is no need to worry about property protection and patents.)


Employment consultation


At the Outstanding Graduate School Office, staff with career counselor qualifications (CDA: Career Development Advisor) (former director of the Career Support Center of the University) will provide general consultation regarding employment, career paths, and career paths.

* Since each major and laboratory has its own policy and method, please respect the major and laboratory policy in principle.


If you have any concerns or consultation regarding your career path or job hunting, please contact us at the following address.

After adjusting the date and time, we will respond by face-to-face, Zoom, email, etc. We will keep the secret strictly, so please feel free to contact us even for trivial matters.


[Application for employment consultation]

Application: Outstanding Graduate School Office SHIMIZU



* Please enter your name, affiliation / regeneration, outline of consultation content, desired date and time of consultation, and method.

* Please list as many desired dates and times as possible.


[Consultation example]

・ I’m thinking about free application, but I don’t know what to do with free application.

・ I’m worried because I can’t narrow down the companies I want to work with.

・ I want to know what the company is looking at in the interview

・ Actually, I’m thinking of changing my course …


✿ Please feel free to come ✿